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Ancient Roman Religion Essay Example For Students

Antiquated Roman Religion Essay Since the commencement of Rome, from the government to the late domain, religion had assumed an extraordinary job in its general public and was associated with pretty much every part of the life of the Roman resident. It was normal for each house to have its own supporter god/divine beings and ,on uncommon events, the leader of the house would make a penance to the individual lords of the family. Likewise, incredible celebrations were generally held out of appreciation for specific divine beings and would incorporate scenes like chariot races and Gladiatorial battles. The strict acts of the antiquated Romans are best recalled with excellent sanctuaries, incredible celebrations and Christian mistreatment to the last acknowledgment of Christianity inside the Roman domain over the customary agnostic religions. The Roman strict practices can be isolated into three stages which length from the establishing of the city to the fall of the domain. The First Phase (753 BC to 500 BC) The principal period of Roman religion dated from the establishing of the city to the early republic. This stage happened before the Roman development had truly received the Greek ways thus the strict acts of this time comprised of just three divine beings and these divine beings were known as the Archaic Triad. The divine forces of the antiquated Triad were Jupiter (Jove) ,Mars and Quirinus. These divine beings had their Greek partners and would later be related to them. Jupiter was the incomparable ace god thus he was related with Zeus of Greek folklore. Ares was the lord of intensity and war thus he was related with his Greek partner, Ares and Quirinus was the divine force of the Roman individuals as a rule and he had no Greek partner. Mars was esteemed and adored more by the vanquishing and warlike Romans than Ares was to the Greeks and ,thus, he had The Fields of Mars named after him. The Fields of Mars was situated outside of Rome and it is th e place the warriors would prepare. The Second Phase (500 BC to 313 AD) Before the finish of the sixth century BC Greek impact had started to influence Roman religion and this brought about the change from the Archaic Triad to the more Greek affected Captioline ternion. In this ternion the divine beings Mars and Quirinus were supplanted by Juno and Minerva. As time continued ,during the subsequent stage, the Romans received more varieties and the quantity of Roman gods developed as ,similar to the Greek partners, they had a divine being for pretty much every part of society. During the later piece of the Republic and all through the majority of the agnostic realm, the Romans revered ( or made divine forces of) individuals who were very much adored or submitted extraordinary deeds during their life. Individuals were typically revered after their demise and the idolization was most consistently done by the senate. With the assination (and later idolization) of Julius Caesar, it got famous for the senate to remunerate dead rulers ,who had served well throughout everyday life, with exaltation. An amusing note to this includes the passing of the ruler Vespasian where he stated ,not long before he kicked the bucket, I believe I am turning into a divine being. Upon exaltation a ruler generally had sanctuaries worked in his respect and a faction of devotees. Likewise, during this period the Vestal Virgins were a significant piece of Roman strict practices. The Vestal Virgins were a holy gathering of ladies whose obligation it was to keep the sacrosanct fire of Vesta consuming consistently. The Vestal Virgins were required to take a promise of celibacy after entering the religion and the breaking of these pledges was an offense deserving of a difficult demise. These respected ladies were so exceptionally respected by the Roman people that they were given seats of respect openly puts ,similar to the field, when the ordinary lady was constantly placed in less nobel zones. The Third Phase (313 AD to 476 AD) By the early realm ,in the principal century AD, the conventional type of Roman religion was starting to give indications of separating. Foundations for this separation could be credited to the multitudes of new strict convictions that were moving through the Roman domain and the way that a large portion of these philosophies guaranteed harmony after death to the down and out and uneducated greater part of the Roman people. The most prominent of these new religions was Christianity ,which had discovered its underlying foundations in the defiant Roman domain of Judea. Thus it Came to spend in those days that an announcement went out from Caesar Augstus that entire world ought to be burdened These popular lines of the Christian Bible depict the main notice of a Roman Emperor and would be recalled since forever with the introduction of Jesus Christ ,the image of christianity. In spite of the fact that his life was short and he was killed at an incredibly youthful age, Jesus built up a religion following because of his assumed supernatural occurrences and of his proclaiming of unceasing harmony and everlasting life. His torturous killing brought about the spreading of his confidence all through the Roman realm and in the start of the finish of customary Roman religion. Incidentally enough it was the Romanization of Europe that permitted the Christian confidence to effortlessly spread. By the demise of Christ, the entire Roman realm was associated with very much developed streets and motels which permitted the prophets to spread their message effectively and securely. During the principal decades going before Christs demise, Christians were endured however not so much loved by everybody of the Roman realm because of their refusal to recognize the head as a living god. This demonstration of rebellion was viewed as sin by the express .The genuine mass abuse of the Christian individuals came during the rule of the ruler Nero who required a substitute on whom to accuse the incredible fire during his rule. He picked the Christians since they were just another gathering and didn't have the complete acknowledgment of the Roman individuals. These mistreatments were unpleasant and included a wide range of primitive torments which incorporated the casualty being taken care of to the lions, executed or being utilized as a human light. These equivalent mistreatments which were intended to dishearten christianity really helped it to develop on the grounds that it was accepted that the Christians passed on for their religion (became Martyrs) which made them loo k significantly more nobel to the individuals. Due to this mistreatment, numerous early Christians had to love in the Roman Catacombs which was one of only a handful hardly any spots they would be sheltered. The tombs were sacrosanct to the Romans on the grounds that their dead were covered there and it was prohibited for them to murder anybody inside their dividers. It is likewise evident that the cross was not generally the image of Christianity yet ,truth be told, it began as a Pagan Roman image. The fish was the distinguishing image among the early Christians and they related to one another through that way. The start of the third stage and of the appropriation of Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire happened in 312 BC, upon the transformation of the Roman ruler Constantine the Great. It is said that he had a dream from the Christian god before a fantastic fight in which he was informed that he would have triumph in the event that he painted the indication of Christianity on the shields of his men. He did what was recounted him and was triumphant and changed over the realm to Christianity. What is Religion Essay To the Romans, the following scene was as much a reality as this one. To get to the black market, Charon, ferryman of the black market, would take them over the stream Styx. To pay him, a coin would be put in the dead people mouth, regardless of whether the body was incinerated. The Romans had an a lot vaguer idea than the Celts of what conditions in the black market would really resemble, in spite of the fact that they had the possibility that great was remunerated and abhorrent rebuffed. Many taught Romans didn't have faith in the old divine beings, and went to remote divine beings, for example, Mithras (from Persia), Isis (from Egypt) and Bacchus (from Greece). The Bacchants didn't appear to be decent to common Romans, since they utilized wine in their love and were thought to direct inebriated blow-outs. This religion was one of only a handful few not to be endured. The Druids were a Celtic gathering whom the Romans didn't endure, on the grounds that in addition to the fact that they practiced human penance, yet they additionally had extraordinary control over the blue-blooded class. A frightful and despicable Eastern religion was Christianity. The individuals were generally permitted to rehearse any religion gave they venerated the Emperor also, yet Christians couldn't consider revering some other divine beings. For this, they were blamed for conspiracy; this was likewise the reason for threat between the Romans and the Jews. Numerous Christians were destitute ind ividuals and slaves, so were associated with incendiary plotting. Since they praised the Eucharist with bread and wine, which speak to the body and blood of Christ, they were blamed for human flesh consumption. Numerous Christians were executed, as Julius and Aaron at Caerleon, who may have passed on in the field as open diversion. The roots of the Roman pantheon started with the little cultivating network that made up the old town of Rome. The establishments of the folklore included anonymous and unremarkable divinities that lended backing to the network while occupying all items and living things. Numen, as the confidence in a pantheistic inhabitation of all things is called, would later flourish in more plainly characterized arrangement of divine beings, however right off the bat this conviction that everything was occupied by numina was the common framework. Despite the fact that the early Romans were not exceptionally worried about the unmistakable characters of every god inside their pantheon, there was an inflexible explanation of what every specific divinity was answerable for. All parts of life inside Rome were guided not just by the pantheon of natural names we are acquainted with, yet to the family religion of the Dii Familiaris also. With this conviction set, each family or family unit was accepted to be doled out a gatekeeper soul known as the Lar Familiaris (Lars). All family capacities remembered these otherworldly gatekeepers for some structure or another. Among these spirits that assumed a job in the otherworldly existence of Romans were Genii for men and junii for ladies. Every o

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Pregnant as a Teenager Essay Example For Students

Pregnant as a Teenager Essay My name is Kathy and I might want to disclose to you an account of my life and how one night of fun transformed it until the end of time. It is a genuine story of my unpleasant adolescent years, the decisions I made and the result I paid in light of these decisions. First I need to reveal to you that every one of these insights that you see about how nineteen percent of every single United State births were to teenagers, how one million adolescents become pregnant every year, and in excess of 500 and thirty thousand of them do conceive an offspring; this my companions isn't an untruth. I am one of those to measurements truly. I am one of those million youngsters that idea it would never transpire however later discovered that I had thought wrong. At the point when I was eleven years of age my folks split and I was profoundly set off by this. My life went down slope from here. My evaluations fell, and I started settling on choices that I will lament for an amazing remainder. At the po int when I made it into secondary school I started investigating myself fairly and met a person who I thought I was infatuated with. Having headed out with the new love I thought I had discovered much to my dismay there was a terrible tempest holding up in my way. Our relationship became physical rapidly and like numerous youngsters I had the Itll never transpire condition. We started resting around. I was rarely home. I was either out with my man or spending time with my companions who were not a decent effect on me by any means. You are who you spend time with, they state. By the fifth month of our relationship, I was pregnant. My mom and I were both crushed. My sweetheart and I wedded yet by eighteen months time he was no more. In the wake of discovering the updates on my pregnancy, I had numerous choices and duties to make and satisfy. The most significant choice I needed to make was climate or not I needed to have this infant. I had never perused much about premature birth yet had a premonition that I was unable to force myself to end the life of a youngster. I went to the library and set out to find out about premature birth. There were two kinds of fetus removal, clinical and careful. Clinical premature birth is finished by taking drugs that will end pregnancy, while careful fetus removal closes pregnancy by exhausting the uterus with exceptional instruments. The more I read about this dismal subject the more I revealed to myself that I was unable to do this to this kid or myself. I realized that on the off chance that I took this life that I would never live with choice and would think twice about it for an amazing remainder. I would proceed with it. I will have this infant and love and care for it as well as can be expected. I disclosed to myself that it couldn't be that difficult. I realized that young moms were more in danger of pregnancy intricacies, for example, untimely or delayed work, iron deficiency and hypertension. The specialist revealed to me that I should eat well and that I should cease from smoking, expending liquor or ingesting medications, or my child would be in danger of being brought into the world with significant medical issues. Days passed by and it was drawing nearer to my infants birth date. Everything I could consider was the way awkward I felt and how monstrous those stretch imprints were going to be after I got past this pregnancy. She wound up coming fourteen days ahead of schedule which terrified me since teenager children are pruned to be untimely and have a low birth weight. This may have implied that Cassis organs were not completely evolved and that she was 40% more averse to live than a child with typical weight. This was not the situation with my wonderful Cassi. She was conceived and was, generally, sound. As a mother, school is the main movement I had with my companions. At the point when the last chime rings, I should go straight home to Cassi who remains with my mom during the school day. One of every three youngster moms wind up dropping out of secondary school and on the off chance that it wasnt for my mom, I may have needed to do likewise. My companions remain in the lobby after the ringer rings and examine their arrangements for the night. Be that as it may, I, I needed to come back to my standard day of returning home and sitting with Cassi and staring at the TV, once in a while getting up for a container or to change her diaper. Cassi had changed the needs throughout my life. My interests used to be with what I would do with my companions, yet now when companions drop by precipitously and talk about heading off to a football match-up, I advise them that I have an infant now. I couldn't carry on with the run of the mill life of a lesser in secondary school, unfit to play sports, hang out, or simply be a young person. I hear every one of these children at school saying that they need their very own infant. I contemplate internally they should accept that by having an infant they will either have somebody to adore them feel they will have a made sure about kind of future, or will get numerous money related advantages from the legislature. Sure you do get numerous advantages from the legislature however it is as yet not justified, despite any potential benefits. Attempting to be a grown-up before I have been a young person has been an enlivening encounter for me. I look more established now with stretch blemishes on my body from the pregnancy. I do adore Cassi more than anything on earth, I simply wish I had held up until I was hitched with total instruction before I had her. I n shutting I will disclose to you that I am a living case of an adolescents life that was not satisfied in light of one straightforward choice. If it's not too much trouble realize that it can transpire. Dont be one of the one million youngsters that got pregnant at an honest age and discarded her youth. On the off chance that you have just become impregnated, at that point please realize that you are not the only one. I comprehend your apprehensions and torments. Tune in to what your folks and instructors need to state. New life is extraordinary yet it should be with the ideal individual at the ideal time. It would be ideal if you gain from my slip-up. State no!

Direct Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Direct Marketing - Essay Example It is an arrangement of intelligent promoting which is planned for keeping up and constructing long haul associations with clients through the items and administrations contributions (Koekemoer and Bird, 2004, p.332). Then again, mass showcasing intends to focus on the absolute market without underlining on explicit market sections. In such a case, the advertiser accepts that the whole market would be fulfilled through the single item offering. The item is offered in the market with least or totally no variety in the promoting. It incorporates a solitary value, one single limited time battle focusing on the whole market and furthermore a solitary strategy for conveyance (Strydom, 2001, p.61). This is a generally less exorbitant issue which incorporates just a solitary standard bundle utilizing one limited time message. A portion of the normal contrasts between the two are talked about as follows. The conventional favorable circumstances related with mass promoting are that the creati on costs stays low as a result of a solitary creation run for an item which is homogeneous in nature. The promoting cost additionally stays low in view of the dispatch of a solitary crusade. It likewise doesn't require broad statistical surveying which is the reason the expense related with statistical surveying additionally stays low (Strydom, 2001, p.62). ... It is said that the procedures for direct advertising must be in arrangement and ought to be guided by the showcasing technique of the association in general. It shows the manner by which the clients can be reached on a coordinated premise. This incorporates deciding the item systems, setting the cost and organizing the dissemination. The L. L. Bean Inc. focuses on the open air attire specialty by the utilization of index showcasing. Numerous organizations have utilized direct showcasing to speak with the objective market. For instance, Dell Inc. utilizes deals contact legitimately with the business clients, web deals and phone deals (Cravens, 2009, 377). Dell Inc. is likewise supposed to utilize the web for furnishing clients with the essential data preceding taking a request via phone. The accompanying section talks about a portion of the regular highlights of the two types of promoting. In term of the costs in question, direct showcasing is supposed to be less expensive when contr asted with mass advertising since it targets less number of individuals and is deliberately focused on a chosen not many. It would be progressively material for organizations which have a little or medium objective market and which has string possibilities. For instance, the TV home shopping channels, similar to Home Shopping system is one the methods of direct promoting (Kennedy, 2006, p.3). At the end of the day, direct showcasing includes a coordinated client relationship based on customized correspondences (Stone and Jacobs, 2007, p.10). Another fundamental contrast between the two is that immediate promoting has a more noteworthy transformation rate than mass advertising. It is probably going to be surer of changing over the primary individual it focuses before moving to its next objective. Moreover,

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My personal narrative Essay

My own account is created by utilizing the inquiries presented by McGoldrick and Gerson (1985) in the section titled â€Å"Constructing Genograms† (pp. 32-7) as a controlling system. I am the lone offspring of Neil matured 57 and Dorothy matured 53. Since I am a lot nearer to my father’s side of family, I will start with his depiction and his group of cause. My dad was conceived in 1946. He is the second kid in the group of four kids, beginning with Eve who is 60 and followed by Rene and Toby who are 52 and 47 individually. Since he is truly crippled, my dad has not worked for a long time. He met my mom while she was working at an eatery that he frequented in 1977 and they were hitched the next year. In any case, when I was eight years of age, my folks were separated in 1985 when my mom, who couldn't adapt to her liquor abuse, left my family forever. From that point forward, my dad has been a consistent wellspring of help for me. After my parents’ separate, we moved in with my fatherly grandma, Ruth, who kicked the bucket in 1998 at 82 years old. Around then, my fatherly granddad who experienced coronary illness had been dead for a long time. A savvy, warm and adoring grandma, Ruth more than made up for my mother’s surprising takeoff from my life. Aside from my dad who has bolstered me in the entirety of my undertakings, my grandma was a persuasive individual in my life who urged me to understand my aspirations, while developing my craving to help other people.

Online Shopping For Electronics - Apparel - Computers - Books Amazon

Question: 1. The current serious position together with future business projections in volume and worth terms for the following 3 years. 2. The ID of new key advertising applications for development from showcase entrance, showcase improvement and item advancement. 3. How showcase infiltration can be supported by tending to : - Marketing Mix Strategies Digital Marketing Communications Customer Relationship Management? Answer: Presentation built up an Amazon Kindle which is a product and equipment stage that has been intended to store and view electronic books (digital books). The digital book perusers have basically served the clients who interest for the most recent innovation and are prepared to address the costs for the items on premium rates. There are different market sections that the organization targets and serve every one of them with their segment and geographic needs. The key objective of the companys promoting plan is fundamentally to serve its customers on viable premise and convey the item on schedule. The report talks about the serious situation of the organization with other association and plans the market systems to enter the developing business sector for the following three years through advanced advertising correspondence just as dealing with the client relationship by fulfilling the necessities of clients and serve them better. The motivation behind the present examination is to break down the present circumstance of the business and give the chances to future development of the business. The examination is centered around suggesting system can be created for the future improvement. 1. Organization Background The force of the business lead after the website button made it improve the activity of the organization. turned into a wide and notable spot for the putting away and selling of the books, and this made it the universes biggest book shop ( 2016). brand system changed the corporate level techniques of its rivals additionally and alongside the new mergers and acquisitions with Amazon the organization encountered an incredible achievement. Amazons technique in the here and now is centered around serving the customers with different marked items and plans to be where a purchaser can buy anything on the web. The mechanical headway and the development has been the fundamental wellspring of accomplishment of Amazon. The intensity of calculation, information stockpiling and data transmission advances have improved and are on skirt of improving and have additionally gotten generally less expensive after some time. With the extending and developing business activities the organization is a web search tool, a calculated stage, web promoting stage for the organizations and satisfying the job of being and IT stage and E-trade. The electronic paper was utilized by Kindle that show the clients a little issue through outline of the physical paper to its clients. Amazon Kindle could without much of a stretch serve the client and could go about as the independent gadget that could download the substance of the paper through the EVDO Sprint organize. The originator of the organization imagined this gadget for the perusers to have the option to get fascinated in the word paying little mind to the vehicle of perusing. Battery Life, gadget conveyability, eye strain and UI are the custom fitted administrations that improved the conveyance of the books and best understanding of the peruser conceivable. Figure 1: Revenue and Profit of Amazon 1.1. Serious Position of the Company There are several the organizations that Amazon rivals. The online retailers are enthusiastic about expanding the product offering, with the end goal of economies of scale, alongside increment in showcase infiltration through new markets with the current items. As one of the quickest developing organization Amazon is a global web based business with universal nearness, faces rivalry with the different classes of the item. They keep up one of a kind procedure for the business than the business associations that work online internet business. These contenders rival the powerful techniques of situating in the worldwide market and to turn into the market chief in physical trade and web based business. The buyers advertise develops for encountering effective and helpful ways for their shopping where they may get to assortment of items and different sticker prices sitting at one spot. The items are one of a kind and it gives wide scope of items to the clients (Levens 2014). Client can choo se an item from the various items without any problem. It additionally keeps up return and discount strategy for the clients. The shipment procedure of the organization is absolute first. That is the reason it can give quick conveyance of items to the clients. Figure 2: Operating Profit Generated by Amazon Figure 3: Market Capitalization Amazon promoting technique has experienced publicizing of Kindle on its own site. Amazon having a tremendous information base stockpiling for improving the client administrations. The accessibility of the books at the Kindle stores for the buy and for internet perusing is the most helpful approach to reach and fulfill the clients needs. One of the upper hands of the firm is the costs offered by the organization. A portion of the key contenders of Amazon are Kindle incorporate eBay and Sony gathering. The developing points of view of the organization and its piece of the pie have expanded the deals of the organization in electronic books. The digital book perusing office of the organization has given additional preferred position to pull in a greater number of clients than different clients. Organization can confront troublesome circumstances on the off chance that they do take new system for the business. It can lessen the incomes of the organization in up and coming years. In any ca se, in the event that they execute new procedure it can assist with expanding the income around 10-15% every year. On the opposite side, the measure of increment can increment roughly 8-10% every year. Figure 4: Sales of eBook Figure 5: Estimated Book Sales Revenue in 2018 Figure 6: Sales Revenue in United States from 2008-2018 2. Vital Marketing Application for Growth The internet business and web based retailing market is expanding and spreading their entrance all through the world. Hence, the organization Amazon, being an online retail brand ought to underscore all the more actualizing vital advertising applications all through their business. The organization should maintain their emphasis on item broadening to battle with the expanding requests of client. The more would be the assortment of items, the more clients would be pulled in (Grewal and Levy 2012). The explanation of extending the items was to contend with the developing web based business organizations and serving the customers with the assortment of the results of different brands. Being an eminent internet business brand, the organization should concentrate more on its innovative work zone for imaginative item detailing and securing of new and creative advancements. The course of action of site crusades, online commercials, viral advertising would be powerful for the organization to pull in more clients by meeting their particular needs (Levens 2014). The organization ought to likewise concentrate on the digital book offices, similarly as with the developing innovation based applications, individuals like to peruse digital books for more solace (Elmoslhey 2011). The companys ought to attempt vital getting ready for dissecting their clients. It would assist the organization with offering explicit open doors dependent on the clients nature and purchasing conduct. For this, the association ought to likewise concentrate on their E-business entryways and create framework for keeping and recording tracks of the subtleties of every client buy. It would assist with upgrading both authoritative productivity and the clients fulfillment. Various distinctive vital examination devices are accessible including BCG and Ansoff framework to break down the interior condition of the association, which would assist the association with identifying explicit key needs and regions o f progress of the organization (Grewal and Levy 2012). 2.1. Market Development The organization needs to advertise advancement technique for expanding the piece of the overall industry and increment the piece of the overall industry (Laudon et al. 2011). The matter of Amazon has continually been advancing just as existing with the serious rivalry. In spite of the fact that the market is extremely intense, however there are additionally immense chances of the business (Laudon et al. 2011). The pattern of shopping is changing step by step. Utilizing of web innovation has developed the development of online business. Clients are progressively intrigued for purchasing the items through online due their rushed way of life. Figure 7: Number of tablet Users Best Buy, eBay are the other potential contenders of Amazon for the internet business promoting and selling of the items. Despite the fact that there are such a large number of contenders are accessible in the market however they are not to satisfy the prerequisite of the clients and to cover the all market. As indicated by the specialists, it is normal that the future interest of online web based business will become further later on. In this way, amazon can create and develop the market through creating inventive item and administration to the clients. Figure 8: Market Share of Online Seller Company Figure 9: E-peruser Shipments Worldwide Based on above figure, it very well may be clarified that the piece of the pie of amazon is exceptionally less and it has diminished from the earlier year. In this way, they should concentrate on expanding the piece of the overall industry for the supportability in the business. The development of business is additionally extremely less. In this way, it can make troublesome circumstance for the association. Thus, they should take viable methodology for the development of the business. One of the significant difficulties of the organization is to misfortune the providers. The achievement of Amazon is significantly through the item selling at the low costs and speed conveyance of the item to the purchasers. The methodology has been somewhat muddled when managing the providers. One of the cases with MacMillan, a notable book distributer, requested the consent to set the costs for their books and give Amazon a fixed markdown, the purchase choices on the Amazon

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Order a Top-Notch Business Case Study!

Order a Top-Notch Business Case Study! Order a Top-Notch Business Case Study! As a business student you may be already familiar with business case studies and have written plenty of them. But what if this one is really tough and you dont know, where to start, or you just dont have time to write one? You have probably already faced this challenge more than once, this is why the writers offer you immediate professional help with your homework. You dont need to worry about how to manage your time and how to get good notes,.com will provide you with a top-quality writing in no time. What Does a Business Case Study Look Like? To succeed globally, leading international businesses or companies use specific strategies and tactics. Business case studies show real life examples of the latter, they enhance your knowledge and provide key company information. The cases usually cover important topics in international business like: globalization entry strategies product marketing brand management mergers ans acquisitions (strategic alliances) corporate social responsibility human resource management etc. No matter what are you pick, there is a certain business case study format to follow. The simplest format would be: the problem the solution the resulting benefits It is important that the case study tells a story, but its difficult to find a case study that favors a story over problem-solution-benefit. The reason for this is that it is really difficult to write a good business case study. Which is why you better get some professional help as well as review a couple of case study samples to get the general idea. Of course, there is a more elaborated business case study outline: Synopsis: a short summary of what the case and theoretical context of the problem are. The case study. State the time, when the problem was noted. Identify the real owner of the problem. State the problem. What is preventing the company from achieving its objectives? State the objectives. What are the results you would like to achieve? State the areas of consideration. List the facts of the case in the outline form. State alternative courses of action. Present several possible solutions to choose from. What are their advantages and disadvantages? Conclusion. Talk about the final decision and the best solution. Recommendation. Present activities, assigned person/department and targeted date of completion. No More Stress with Business Case Studies! Yes, this is true! Now that you have, you can leave your worries behind. Our top-notch writers will take care of everything. Holding Masters and PhD degrees, they are capable of successfully handling any type of written assignment you can think of! You will get a flawless case study, perfectly structured business case study that will follow all standards. take care of your academic problems, this will save your time, your nerves and secure you good grades as well!

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Sponge Bob Square Pants Effect on Children - Free Essay Example

Introduction Have you ever thought about how much time our kids spend watching SpongeBob? When you think about it, the number is a tad bit scary. That being said, this paper outlines SpongeBobrs massive impact on kids in elementary schools, and the effects that this has on children. It is hoped that the results and the conclusions here will assist in finding the most appropriate solutions that are socially desirable. Since SpongeBob aired on the television screen, there has been a rapid growth in viewership among children below the age of 4 years instead of the realities in which the children live. Elementary school Kids seem to feel entertained by the SpongeBob program. Because of its fast pace, it can be assumed that the SpongeBob cartoon program does not entirely fit into the genre of such young children on the grounds of their capabilities, realities in which the children live. Therefore this research considers that SpongeBob had a dissembled relationship with young kids as it constructs a different worldview as well as creating perceptions that are beyond their mental capabilities. II. Research Methods The research will utilize the casual observation and focus groups discussions on verifying the data collected. I. Casual Observation This is a tool that would be used to provide the actual behavior of every participant. Observation and group observation would require the experimenter to put into context the behavior and thus understand it much better (Anderson et al.,1986) Observations were made will be made on the actual patterns of behavior. This research will observe the behavior of the focus group while watching the cartoon and immediately after taking the tests (Blair, Razza,2007). Research Design I will be carrying out critical research. The nature of the study will be quantitative. A total of 35 4-6-year-old kids were selected from a list of families that have agreed to take part in the study. Most of the kids that participated were from medium to upper-middle households. First, we will seek permission from the parents through telephone and explain to them about the objective of the study. Later we shall make an appointment with willing parents to come of the laboratory, where the study will be mentioned to them again. Finally, parents will have to sign a form approving the study to proceed. The primary objective of this investigation is to study whether fast-paced SpongeBob Square pants directly influence the executive functioning of preschool-aged children. Children will randomly be assigned the fast-paced SpongeBob Square Pants, educational program or drawing. The viewers of the cartoon will watch a truncated episode of the program. Free Drawing using markers will be the control condition. Method The entire study population of kids between the age of 4-6 years would be far too high to include in the study. Therefore, it would be essential to draw the most appropriate population to be sampled. This research will use a non-probability design. This method purposely targets a group of children that are believed to be reliable for the study. The study will also employ judgmental sampling by selecting kids between the ages of 4-6 years of from a database. This is because children attending a single school would enable the study to access both terrestrial programs. This implies that the selected children are constantly exposed to televisions and watch cartoons and can speak English fluently (Choma, 2005) Data Collection Procedere and Analysis The experiments will be carried out with every child in a small room within the laboratory. 10-minutes clips of SpongeBob Square pants and an education program will be played on a television. While these tests are being conducted, parents will be completing a media questionnaire on which they would indicate the period the child spent watching TV every week. Next children will be given HTKS test which the experiment tells the participants when I tell you to touch your ears, you will hold your fingers, but when I tell you to point your finger, I want you to hold your head. After a short orientation, ten trial pieces will be provided to every kid. Every kid gets 2 points for every correct response and one point for every wrong response. If a child received all the 10 points, a shoulder-knee test would be added and an addition of 10 points. If a child receives at least 14 additional points of the second part of the pasty m they went to the third stage. This is where the rules were switch ed. For instance when I tell you to touch your head, I want you to touch shoulders. After completing the HTKS test, participants will complete a rate-of-gratification test. First, they will be showed a basket full of small snacks and another bag containing Goldfish snacks and requested to choose the one they would prefer as a snack. This experiment will put ten pieces of the selected goodies on one bowl and two pieces on another and place a buzzer between the two bowls. The participant will be instructed that they could eat the 10 bits if they waited for the analyst to get back, or they could hit the buzzer every moment they wanted the analyst to get back straightaway, in which they possibly will only get two pieces. The attention related items in this study will be: being restless, overactive, and fidgeting, being distracted easily, concentration wanders seeing the task through to the end, the good span of attention and thinking before taking any action (Levine, Waite,2000). We shall look up the relevant online sites for international secondary data. The sites used will be listed in the references. In analyzing the data collected, the first step will be coding. This would ensure proper preparation of a codebook, which would define the meaning of the various question provided to each variable. The codebook will be the guide during the analysis stage of the research in analyzing the data. The first step will be qualitative processing (Anderson, Craig, 2004). Therefore, it is essential to have the code book which defines the meaning of the assigned questions. Findings The study offers empirical evidence that watching 10 minute episode of the past pace cartoon would immediately damage the executive function of the children relative to watching the education programs of drawing. Children in the fast-paced television are expected to perform much worse than expected despite all of them being attentive at the outset (Gerbner et al.1996). The findings of this results are consistent with others that have shown negative implication of watching SpongeBob on the overall attention of the children. Given the popularity of the program among kids, it is vital for parents always to stay attentive to the likelihood of declining executive functionality on their children (Ahammer, Murray1979). On matters concerning pacing, we expect that the offensive of fast-pacing events that were present in the cartoon program might further exacerbate executive functionality. While standard procedures are decoded by established neural circuitry, there is usually no space for ne w or uncertain events, in which fast-pacing events are part. Programming fantastical events can probably decline the cognitive processes are there is the constant engagement of the orienting responses to such a novel function. Due to the depletion of cognitive capabilities, we can conclude that the fast pacing aspect of the cartoon is fully accountable for EF impacts (Bryant,1994). This will be further studies in other studies. Kids usually watch a lot of cartoon programs. This has long been associated with problems in maintaining attention for a long time † however, the limited research on the impact of such fast-paced cartoons on EF. Furthermore, this study seeks to find out whether viewing Spongebob Squarepants would impair the Executive functionality of 4-6-year-old kids, an outcome about which close relative of young kids should better understand. It is understandable that parents are the busiest today than ever before and as a result children usually spend most of their time alone and spend most of their time watching television programs. However, this being busy does not mean limiting screen time including movies and video games. Therefore, parents should offer their kids with alternative ways of spending their free time as well as entertainment rather than just watching television. References Anderson, Craig. Ph.D. (2004) Violent Programming and its Impact on Children. IOWA State University of Science and Technology Anderson, D. R., Lorch, E. P, Field, D. E., Collins, P, Nathan, J. G. (1986) Television viewing at home: Age trends in visual attention and time with TV Child Development, 57,1024-1033. Ahammer, I. M., Murray J. P. (1979) Kindness in the kindergarten: The relative influence of role-playing and prosocial television in facilitating altruism. International Journal of Behavioural Development, 2,133-157. Blair, C., Razza, R. P. (2007). Relating effortful control, executive function, and false belief understanding to emerging math and literacy ability in kindergarten. Child development, 78(2), 647-663. Bryant, Jennings, Dolf Zillman, ed. (1994}. Media Effects: Advances in Theory and Research. Choma. 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